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Why Shinan

The history of Aleppo soap and shinān are closely knit. As Aleppo’s soapmaking tradition spread around the Mediterranean between the 8th and the 10th centuries A.D., the use of shinān followed. Shinān is the Aleppan word for the mastic tree. In antiquity, alkali extracted from the ashes of this tree were used in soapmaking.

Southern Italy was one of the many places where this soapmaking tradition landed and the Italians grew to cherish it in the centuries that followed. To this day, some locals in remote villages refer to the shinān plant as ‘shino’ or ‘shinu’.

As a brand founded on the partnership of a fifth-generation family of soap makers from Aleppo and a young Italian entrepreneur based in Bologna, we identify in this rich history of cultural ties between Syria and Italy.

Our philosophy

Offering clients a truly natural experience

With Shinān you know exactly what you are buying: the finest quality soaps made only with the natural ingredients that are essential to a gentle and effective cleansing experience, leaving your skin protected, nourished and hydrated.

We want you to be able to understand our ingredients list without needing a degree in chemistry.

Having stood the test of time, Aleppo soap remains the most effective product available. It teaches us that all you need to make high-quality soap is saponified olive oil and laurel oil. We treasure this lesson and have been and will continue developing new products that exploit the full potential of these ingredients.

Safeguarding a local tradition

We are committed to safeguarding the ancient craft of Aleppo soapmaking hoping that one day it will contribute to the economic and social revival of one of the world’s oldest and most fascinating cities.

All of Shinān’s solid traditional Aleppo soaps are of certified origin from Aleppo, Syria, in order to guarantee the preservation of this millennial tradition.

Promoting innovation based on Aleppian know-how

Our liquid soaps – modern, innovative products that meet different needs of our customers – are produced by an Aleppian master soapmaker in France, who is leveraging his unique know-how in the saponification of vegetable oils.